Looking to sell antiques?

Customer inspecting an appraised cut glass basket.

Our dealers may be interested in buying

Our Midtown Dealers do buy directly from customers. There are two ways to go about getting in touch with our dealers.

  • Come down to the store; we have 3-4 Midtown Dealers on hand each day who may be interested. No appointment is necessary. Check in at the front desk upon arriving; we will get you in touch with Midtown Dealers as appropriate.

  • Email pictures to midtownantique@gmail.com. This works best for large and/or heavy items and lots of merchandise. In the email be sure to include your name and phone number and any other pertinent information.

Things to keep in mind when selling.

  • Midtown Dealers are independent business owners. They are buying to resell for a profit. They generally pay 1/4 to 1/3 retail; more or less depending on the demand for the merchandise.

  • Interest and inventory varies by dealer. Please do no be offended if a sale is not made.  It’s not you; it’s us.  : )

  • Patience is required. When coming to the store, know that serving our retail customers is our top priority. When sending an email know that we check our email each morning.  Emails are forwarded to the Midtown Dealers we think would be most interested.  We will let you know if there is no interest.

  • We do not provide licensed appraisal services.  See https://www.mnantiquesdealers.com for appraisal service resources. In some cases our dealers are able to provide general knowledge or expertise on one or two items but in general they are looking to assess items only as part of the buying process. We advise customers to do their due diligence and be prepared to give a general idea of what you're looking to get for the item(s) you’re selling. We direct customers to resources such as Ebay (sold items/closed actions), Google searches, etc. to gain knowledge.

  • Our dealers provide a variety of services such as estate sales, “junk” removal, etc. We are happy to get you in touch with dealers as appropriate. Please contact us for more information.